2 Such Women Of India Who Were Rich In Their Respective Fields Written Updates

2 Such Women Of India Who Were Rich In Their Respective Fields Latest Updates

India is a land of heroes, where more than one braveheart was born and sacrificed his life while protecting his country of religion. Not only this, women have also not been left behind for the country, in every century, some woman has taken such a step that her name has been recorded in the history of India. Here we will tell you about two women whose names are recorded in history for different reasons. If someone has been a brave warrior, then with the power of a pen, she has convinced everyone. Here we will talk about Mahadevi Varma and Padmavati, the queen of Chittor.

Queen Padmavati

In the 12th and 13th centuries, so we are talking about the Rani Padmavati, and get Rani Padmavati history in Hindi, Queen Padmavati has been very influential. She married the King of Chittor, Ratan Singh Rawal and was the most beautiful and sharp-minded woman of her kingdom. After marriage, he did not even let the thought of any other man come in and when Alauddin Khilji heard about them, he tried hard not to get them. But Queen Padmavati never let her intention be fulfilled, but after her husband’s heroics, she thought it right to burn herself. Queen Padmavati came to Delhi with her intelligence and saved her husband’s life in the Sultanate of Alauddin and during this time Alauddin could not even see him. Even after Padmavati surrendered herself to fire, Khilji could not see her. Padmavati’s Jauhar is still recorded in history and director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has also made a film on it.

Mahadevi Verma

Mostly people like poems in Hindi so you can get  Mahadevi Verma Poems, Poems written by Mahadevi Varma, the great poet of Hindi literature, are still taught in the 10th and 12th centuries. Poet Nirala has called her the Saraswati of the huge temple of Hindi and is considered among the four major pillars of the Shadows era of Mahadevi Varma literature. By the way, Mahadevi Verma’s many poems are not known, but in the special assessment of the word, you will get to read many of his poems. Apart from poems, Mahadevi Varma also wrote many novels and stories which people still cherish. Mahadevi Varma used to express the emotions of most of them in her poems.

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