Are You Excited For Colors Shubh Aarambh?

Are You Excited For Colors Shubh Aarambh? Written Updates

Colors is getting a new show at the prime slot. The show titled Shubh Aarambh will make its auspicious begin next month on 2nd December 2019 at the 9.00 pm slot. The love story between two opposites will be seen. The leads Raja and Rani are very much connected and incomplete without each other. Mahima Makwana and Akshit Sukhija are seen as the leads. The show looks promising by its promos. Raja and Rani get the tag of an odd couple. The onlookers have no hope that they can ever unite. Still, they both are brought together by fate.

Rani is very much daring, while Raja is a simple person at heart. He doesn’t like complications in his life. He has no interest in his business, even when he is the owner of entire property. Raja works as servant in his own company due to his selfish family. His greedy uncle is happy that Raja doesn’t claim his rights on the money. Raja gets fooled by his uncle, aunt and cousin easily. Raja blindly loves his family.

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On the other hand, Rani works at the temple. She is much practical and sensible. Rani’s fearless personality impresses Raja. She will be bringing a new start for Raja’s life. She will make Raja a confident and brave person. They will be completing each other’s life by their strong love. Are you excited for Colors Shubh Aarambh? Let us know your opinion.

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