Bahu Begum Today Review: Appealing Performances And A Thoughtful Concept Written Updates

Colors brings a daily soap with a Muslim family background after having the successful shows like Bepannah and Beintehaa before. Bahu Begum is one such show, which puts lights on the sensitive subject of Polygamy. It clears out the custom where Muslim men are allowed to have multiple marriages only to serve a special purpose or to meet some unavoidable responsibilities. Azaan is very much in love with Shayra. He gets compelled to marry his best friend Noor to save her dignity and fulfill his penance.

Azaan returns to Bhopal with the love of his life, Shayra. Razia Begum is the Royal Bahu Begum. She wants her son Azaan to marry Noor. Azaan and Noor are good friends. They know each other well. Razia Begum waits for his return eagerly. She breaks the news to Azaan that his marriage is fixed with his childhood friend Noor. Azaan, Shayra and Noor’s lives get entangled when fate conquers true love. The tale has elements of love, conspiracies, hatred and revenge.

Main Characters:

Azaan Akhtar Mirza: He is an educated, sincere, determined and handsome guy. He is Razia Begum’s son. He is the most eligible guy in town. He loves Shayra a lot. He is the would be Nawab of Bhopal. He belongs to a rich and influential family. He depends on his best friend Noor. He shares every little thing with her. He likes her madness. He has always been with Noor since his childhood. He respects women. He has all the wonderful qualities in him which makes Razia proud. He hates polygamy, but fate brings him in the toughest situation. He dislikes the fact that his father left his mother for another woman. Azaan is made to wed twice. He gets wedded to Shayra and then Noor.

She is a calm, composed and good-hearted girl. She brings a balance in Azaan’s life and family. She makes her own place. She holds good knowledge about her religion and customs. She utilizes her best knowledge at the right times. Shayra is very positive. She is bold, fearless and focussed in life. She believes in herself. She is very much loving and caring. She has a charming personality. She is mature in her decisions. She wants the best for Azaan. She wants to support Azaan in his every decision.

Noor is a bubbly, joyful and a carefree girl. She is Azaan’s childhood friend. She wants to be with Azaan all her life as a friend. She doesn’t love Azaan. She accepts Azaan and Shayra’s relationship heartily. Noor has a strong influence in Azaan’s family. She is Razia’s first choice for Azaan. Noor belongs to a poor family. She is the daughter of Razia’s house help Yasmeen. Noor’s fate brings him in Azaan’s life as a life partner. She loses her mother Yasmeen and holds Shayra responsible for it. She turns revengeful against Shayra.


Arjit Taneja as Azaan Akhtar Mirza,
Samiksha Jaiswal as Noor
Diana Khan as Shayra
Amrapali Gupta as Surayya
Mohd. Nazim as Asgar Mirza
Simone Singh as Razia Begum

Story So Far:

The beautiful locales of Bhopal and the royal palace of Bahu Begum is shown in the introductory scene. Razia Akhtar Mirza rules the hearts of the people. She is happy that her son is returning home after five years. She doesn’t forget her ethics. She shares a good bond with her helper Yasmeen. She wants to give a strong and successful Nawaab to Bhopal, that’s her son Azaan. She wants to meet Azaan at the Dargah. She feels blessed that her prayer got fulfilled. Noor is introduced in a filmi avatar. He likes to have her girly tantrums. She is very cheerful and crazy. She likes to dance all the time. She is prepared to become the next Bahu Begum of Bhopal. She looks forward to marry Azaan, her childhood friend. Razia wants to make Noor her daughter-in-law.

Razia distributes gifts to the servants. She is very happy that Azaan has completed his education and is returning home from abroad. Azaan’s uncle and aunt are greedy for the property and heirship. Razia’s sister-in-law Surayya feels like getting a heart attack when she finds Razia giving away the richness to the relatives. Asgar expresses his bitterness against Yasmeen, who has snatched everything from Razia in the form of Azaan and Noor’s alliance. Asgar doesn’t shy away to speak up his annoyance right in front of Razia. He wants to become Bhopal’s Nawaab. He tells Yasmeen that Noor always boasts of her would be status, Bahu Begum of Bhopal.

Yasmeen doesn’t believe him. Noor really boasts that she is going to wed Azaan, her childhood friend. Noor claims that she will become Bahu Begum very soon. Razia knows that Noor will complete Azaan’s life by perfecting adding up happiness. She wants Azaan to just marry Noor. Noor makes a mannat at the Dargah. Shayra is introduced in a scene at the Dargah. Shayra makes prayers like Noor. They both pray for their marriage. They get into a clash of opinions over their faiths and knowledge. Razia meets the Dargah Baba, who predicts that Bhopal’s Nawaab Azaan will be getting two wives. Razia awaits her son. She gets emotional knowing Azaan has come. Azaan and Razia have an emotional meet. He gets happier on meeting Yasmeen.

Azaan comes across a man who tells that their religion permits them to have four marriages. Azaan gets angered that people take the religion wrongly. He is against polygamy. Azaan doesn’t let the man insult Razia. Razia speaks out her views on love. She takes a firm stand to support the woman against injustice and polygamy. Azaan remembers his promise to his mum that he will never let tears come in her eyes. Azaan drags the man out of the Dargah and then bashes him up to punish him for speaking ill about Razia Begum. He explains that none can make joke of marriage and religion. Shayra’s way of handling Azaan impresses Razia. Shayra also states that one who keeps the first marriage intact gets blessed.

Shayra calms down Azaan’s anger. She cares for Azaan’s wound. Razia comes to know about Shayra. She likes Shayra by their first meet. Azaan tells Razia that Shayra studied with him in London, he met her and fell in love knowing her real personality. Shayra proposes her marriage with Azaan in front of Razia. Razia gets in a dilemma as she wanted to fix Azaan’s marriage with Noor. Noor has no problem with Azaan and Shayra’s marriage. She asks Azaan to marry Shayra. Azaan hugs her. Noor tells him that she will get a better guy than him. The Dargah Baba doesn’t reveal his prediction that the Nawab will have two marriages. Azaan gets Shayra home to declare his decision. He wants to marry Shayra.

Our Take:

The characterizations are freshly written. Azaan’s decisions regarding his marriage and penance will be bringing twists in the storyline. Noor’s mother dies at the time when Noor prepares for her marriage with Faiz. Noor regards Shayra the culprit and punishes her by proposing Azaan for marriage. Noor weds Azaan only to add up troubles for Shayra. Noor snatches the title of Bahu Begum from Shayra. Azaan gets torn between love, friendship and responsibilities. The concept seems old one put up with fresh cast. Good factors of the show remain the wonderful visuals, appealing costumes, leads’ chemistry, soothing musical score and of course the strong cast.

Simone Singh as Razia Begum does complete justice to her role. The role seems written just for her. Simone has a strong screen presence. She shines in her portrayal throughout. The scene of the flashback where child Azaan makes a strong vow to Razia adds up the intense layers to Azaan’s character. Arjit as Azaan is decently cast. Diana as Shayra looks understated, while Samiksha as Noor looks going over the top. Diana would be getting into the character with coming episodes. Samiksha makes Noor’s character too loud, which doesn’t seem apt in every scene. Performances by Mohd. Nazim and Amrapali are convincing. They are playing the negatives in the show. Their part will begin to affect the story soon. The show looks decent by the initial episodes. The USP of the show is the intriguing element. Fast paced drama with music, dance, family moments and romance.

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