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Kahaan Hum Tum Starplus Ronakshi prepped enemies Sonakshi is stunned to read the pre-nuptial agreement prepared by Naren. She is moved by the conditions kept by Naren. She doesn’t want to think of divorce. She tells him that this situation of divorce will never arise. She asks him why does he think that she is marrying Rohit for the sake of money. She isn’t interested in Sippy’s richness. He mentions about Suman’s big mistake. He asks her to confront her mum about disturbing their mental peace. He tells her that pre-nuptial agreement is a common thing in rich households.

On the other hand, Raima stops Rohit from meeting Sonakshi by stating the preset rituals. Rohit doesn’t believe in anything such. He tells her that he loves Sonakshi and nothing can change their love. He shows the mehendi trick done by Sonakshi. He is thankful to Sonakshi for coming into his life. She gets filled with rage when he compares Sonakshi with her and finds Sonakshi a better person. Sonakshi wants to tell Naren that she just wants Rohit’s love, she doesn’t have any interest in his richness. Mahesh learns about Sonakshi’s pre-recorded scenes. He makes plans to get Sonakshi back on the sets so that he can kidnap her. He meets the editor and ruins the clips memory card. He acts clever.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum of the most popular shows on Indian Television. The show starring Dipika Kakar and Karan V Grover in the lead is considered as breath of fresh air from the daily saas-bahu drama. Recently, the show aired an episode where leading lady Sonakshi Rastogi was seen talking about the subject of sex education with her on-screen mother Suman. A prime time show addressing a subject that is still considered as a taboo, won many applauds and praises from the Twitterati.

Yet another attempt is made by the makers to break gender stereotypes and send out a important progressive message to the family audiences. The male protagonist, Karan V Grover, has applied real Henna for the Mehendi function in the show. While in most shows, during marriage sequences, actresses often take an easy route and sought to using mehendi stickers. But, Karan has been the bold one to get real mehendi on his palms without any hesitation. Producer Sandiip Sikcand took to Instgaram to share a picture of Karan’s mehendi filled palms and he was all praises for the talent actor.

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