KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 33 Written Updates

Mehra and Kohili’s Housewarming Party PART-I

As you can see in the title of this episode, the episode is purely based on the Housewarming Party held in Mehra and Kohili’s house. I know the original had already shown a lot of parties; I hope the fictional party which I’m creating in the ff is amusing my readers as much as the original series.

The episode starts with Ranbir, Aryan and Mishti coming to the renovated house. Ranbir says, “Well I should say that the workers have done a good job after the fire accident, our houses look so beautiful, that even one small imprint of the incident is not left behind.” Mishti exclaims, “And bhai, this time my room is painted in pink, my favourite colour, it looks so beautiful.” Aryan continues, even the place where we usually play has wallpaper with sporty designs, it’s really cool.” Vikram comes there and tells, “Well all this is my work, I was the one who directed the mason workers and painters to design all the places according to the taste of the people who use them the most.” Mishti hugs him and says, “Thanks dad!!!!” Abhi too comes there, “Ranbir, this time your good for nothing dad has really done a wonder to renovate our houses!!!!” Mishti asks Abhi, “Mehra uncle, “Did you inform Prachi and her mom about Rhea’s plan!!!” Ranbir’s face brightens up on hearing Prachi’s name. Vikram interrupts and says, “Obviously why not, after all your Abhi uncle is a big fan of Prachi’s mom!!!” Abhi stares at him. Vikram nervously says, “I should say Anuradha ji is very lucky to have a Rockstar like Abhi as her fan” then he maliciously looks at Ranbir and continues, “Maybe Prachi will also soon have a Rockstar fan with her!!!” Ranbir coughs in embarrassement. Aryan too gets shocked. They both say that they will look at the other preparations for the party. They go inside. Abhi says Vikram, “If your nonsense is over, shall we go to the office!”. They leave.

Inside as Aryan and Ranbir look upon the preparations of the party, Aryan asks, “Ranbir yaar, I think your dad knows that there is something cooking between you and Prachi!!!” Ranbir tells, “No not really, but he is trying his best to find it out!!!” Aryan thinks and tells him, “I guess you need to confess to your Dad, everything between you and Prachi, it’s better he gets to know everything from you, rather from someone else.” Ranbir looks worried. Aryan asks him what the matter is. Ranbir tells, “First I want to clear everything with Rhea, then I want everyone to know about mine and Prachi’s relationship, I am not worried about revealing things to my family because in my family everyone really loves Prachi, but….” Aryan asks, “You are worried about Rhea??? Your anxiety is also reasonable, looking into the past on whatever Rhea plotted again Prachi, I don’t think, she is gonna stay calm, once she knows that YOU LOVE PRACHI, you need to be extra careful this time Ranbir!!!!” Ranbir looks on.

Sunny comes to a shambled lodge and shows the receptionist a photograph, the receptionist gives him the details of the room, Sunny goes there and meets Sanju, the latter is unpleasantly surprised to see Sunny as he thinks him to be a policeman who came in search of him after whatever he did with Prachi during the Diwali Party. He falls on Sunny’s feet, who is left astonished. Before Sunny could say anything, Sanju starts wailing while saying, “Sir!!! Sir!!! Please don’t put me in jail, I did not do anything on purpose with Prachi, all that was a plan of Rhea and Priyanka.” Sunny is baffled with the sudden revelation of Sanju. He could not figure out about what he is saying, but he gets curious to know about the matter. He scolds Sanju saying that he is not a cop and he was sent there by PRIYANKA to fetch him. Sanju becomes relieved. He wipes his tears and hugs Sunny tightly. Sunny is disgusted, Sanju tells him, “You should have told me before no, bhai!!! I will get ready in a moment and come.” Sunny demands him to wait and inquisitively questions about the revelation what Sanju had just made. Sanju is doubtful, when Sunny assures him saying, “We both are working for Priyanka Madam, so you need not keep anything related to her a secret with me, go on tell, who is this Rhea and Prachi, and what happened in the DIWALI PARTY!!!!” Sanju solacely says, “Do you know Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra???” Sunny surprisingly affirms. Sanju continues, “Well Rhea is his daughter MISS. RHEA ABHISHEK MEHRA.” Sunny eyes widen in shock and asks, “And Prachi???” Sanju smiles maliciously and says, “Prachi is my sweetheart, my lovebird….” He goes on and on about his fantasies of Prachi. Sunny gets annoyed and asks him the relations between Prachi and Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra’s family, Sanju tells, “There is no connection between Prachi and the Mehras, she is from my hometown, Hoshiarpur, her mother is a college lecturer, what was her name??? Yeah Miss. Pragya Arora!!!” Sunny is left astounded and thinks, “That means, Rhea and Prachi are Chachu’s younger twin daughters, and what is this PRIYANKA trying to do to them!!!!” Sunny further enquires him about the Diwali party, Sanju tells everything that happened and how the whole plan was made, which was the actual cause of the fire disaster in Mehra’s HOUSE.  Sunny is bewildered on learning the whole truth. He clenches his fist hard to punch Sanju, but before that Sanju asks him, “So if you investigation is over, shall I pack my stuff?” he rushes inside, Sunny still frustrated, lets upon his whole anger on the wall nearby by punching hard it with his fists, the wall cracks, and the people there are alarmed. Sunny tells, “What are you doing Sunny??? You are aiding someone who is causing trouble to your Chachu’s family??? No, I will have to stay more cautious about Priyanka such that she does not wrong RHEA-PRACHI, I will have to be extra careful.”

In the evening, Abhi’s house

All are dressed brightly for the housewarming party. Dasi asks, so shall we install DEVI MAA’S IDOL, Abhi!!!”, Purab says, “But Pragya di!!” he stops, Aliyah looks furiously at him, Vikram’s family members and Aryan look confused. Priyanka fumes on hearing Pragya’s name. Purab corrects himself and says, “I meant Prachi and her mom, who has to do the aarti have not arrived yet!!!”, when Prachi cries out, “We are here Sir!!!” Abhi is mesmerized to see Pragya, Ranbir-Aryan are super excited to see Prachi-Shahana, while Aliyah is closely watching her son. Ranbir looks at Prachi and shows superb looking at her, she winks back smilingly. Rishi and Sarita behen join them, Priyanka becomes furious seeing Rishi and Shahana together. Dasi says, “Now since Ram and Siya are here shall we start the Devi Maa installation and aarthi!!!” All smile except for Vikram’s family and Aryan who are confused. (Ram ram jai raja ram plays……)

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