Love Story Of Demi-Jinn And Ayaana ~ Destined To Be ONE – Episode 6

About Under Rview :

The episodes starts with Aman’s family coming to Salma’s house, the neighbours mock them saying, “Till now only men came to this house asking for courtesans to dance in their parties, but now a whole family of a NAWAAB has come, courtesans are becoming more and more valuable these days!!!” Roshni is disheartened to hear that, while Aman fumes seeing her state.

He goes forward frowning at them, and says, “Till now whoever came here would have come for demanding courtesans, but today, MY FAMILY has come here to ASK FOR ROSHNI’S HAND, and we will officially declare her the daughter-in-law of our KHAN FAMILY, with IMAM ZAMIN rasam now, so I cordially invite all of you to come and give her your blessings.” The neighbours are left agape. Aman leaves saying “Khuda hafiz”.

Dadi and Baby feel proud of him, Dadi says, “Now you have slowly started to act like Roshni’s Mia jan too, fighting for wife’s respect should  be one of the priorities of a husband, and today I’m so happy that my grandson has fought for his BIWI”S respect!!!!” Roshni and Aman look into each other’s eyes (bgm plays) Sara, Saima and Chotu cough. Dadi continues smilingly, “Let’s go and do Roshni’s Imam Zamin” Salma is amazed to see the Khan family enter her house with double the number of gifts which Sameer’s family had brought. She becomes delighted.

Dadi comes smilingly saying, “As-salamu alaykum!!!” Salma replies “Wa alaykumu as-salam”,  Dadi continues, “We have come her to conduct Roshni and Aman’s Imam Zamin, the circumstances in which Aman and Roshni’s nikah happened were such that our family never got to celebrate properly their marriage, but now we wish to conduct all the Rituals properly for their marriage, so that the whole Lucknow knows of their marriage, we had already informed our Imam to conduct Salatul Istikhara, this morning, so let us proceed with Imam Zamin”

However, Salma is bewildered to hear that; she remembers her promise to Rakh Jinn to separate Aman and Roshni. She thinks “Here the whole family has started to accept Roshni, now how will I go forward in separating Aman and Roshni, then she remembers how Rakh Jinn had sent her message asking to instil doubt in Roshni’s mind.” Salma smiles maliciously, “Of course, now I know what I should do!!!” She says “That is really great, I’m so happy that all of you have started accepting my daughter as a part of your family!!!! But where is Parveen Sahib???” All look dejected. Saima says, “Ammi is having high fever, so she is taking rest at home!!!” Salma thinks, “Or is she against this Nikaah, I will have to find out!!!”, she continues, “So shall we start the rasam???”

Roshni sits in the middle with Dadi and Salma sitting besides her on both sides, Aman standing aside with Sara, Saima and chotu, keeps leaving glances secretly at her. Chotu asks him, “Instead of standing here and struggling to look at Chachi, you can go and sit near Chachi and keep looking at her.” Aman blushes in embarrassment. Soon, Baby comes near Roshi with two neatly stitched silver bands containing gold coins and ties them around Roshni’s hands. Baby asks her, “Do you know the meaning of this ritual, Roshni???” Roshni shakes her head denying, Baby continues saying, “Well…” Then says, “I too forgot!!!” Dadi bangs her forehead and then explains, “This rasam means that Roshi has officially become our daughter-in-law and now onwards she BELONGS TO AMAN.” Roshni and Aman look into each other eyes. They share an eyelock. (bgm plays)

Dadi informs, “Now since Imam Zamin is done, we have to conduct  Mangni, all the other rasam preparations have already been made in our house, and Roshni will be staying in our house, so Salma bhaiajan, we wish that you too accompany us to our Junaid Mahl, till Roshni and Aman’s Nikaah.” Salma is enthusiastic; however, she acts of denying talking about the ill things which would follow after staying in daughter’s in-laws house. But Baby and Dadi continue to persuade her, for which Salma finally gives in. Dadi and the whole family leave towards the exit. Salma continues to think “Now that I’m entering Junaid Mahal, I will try all the means to poison Roshni’s mind against Aman, such that she will be convinced not to pronounce “qubool hai” thrice during her Nikah.” she smirks.

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