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PART : 1 Riya thinks that prachi must have got scolded from everyone and now she will always be away from her father  as she wanted to separate me from my dad.  .prachi tells pragya about same that riya thinks that she wanted to separate her from her father. .pragya consoles her and asks her not to cry.   Pragya asks someone about riya being found or not. .

PART : 2 Aryan enters and asks riya’s friends about her they inform her about her being pushed off the cliff by prachi  .. He thinks that she cannot do so and so calls her and she thinks of not picking up but mistakenly cuts off the call.  And he is assured that she is fine and thinks of informing ranbir about cancelling the date as riya has some other plans today.  Meanwhile riya switches off the phone. .. Pragya asks the security about prachi arora and on the same way abhi is entering..  Background music plays. Pragya meets principal and asks about prachi  he apologies that he forget to call her and even to call police because he doesn’t want to spoil the future of any student . .. He tells her about all that happened and informs her that prachi pushed riya off the cliff and also shows the pics dimpi clicked proving prachi to be culprit. Meanwhile riya friends call her and inform her about her father’s and prachi’s mother visit..  Riya thinks that she knows her father he must be finding her.  Abhi is with vikram and finding riya madly he gets her strucked torn cloth piece and starts calling out for her while vikram stops him and tells riya is not here.  He then starts blaming himself and gets much worried for riya.  . .pragya asks prachi about all that happened and she narrates the same to her and shahna also tells her about prachi’s innocence.  Then pragya asks her about pics which proves her to be the culprit.  Pragya asks her to speak up and say about the fight.Riya is relaxed that everything is occuring according to her wishes and thinks that her name would have been lucky mehra as she is so lucky. And while is talking with her friends shahna comes and inquiries them about riya’s whereabouts. .meanwhile abhi is fighting with camp staff and vikram and whole staff asks him to cool down.  Principal inform him that prachi pushed riya off the cliff while fighting with her.. And prachi’s mother is also supporting her and also informs him that dimpi riya’s friend captured the pics of incident   he asks principal about prachi and her mother’s whereabouts he inform him that they are at camp site

PART : 3  Abhi and vikram comes to camp site searching for prachi and her mom and he thinks how she can defend prachi. .Meanwhile vikram gets a call from pallavi and inform her about all that happen at camp site meera overhears all that and gets hyper.   Pragya asks the rescue team member about whether they found riya Or not ..he inform her that they searched her on one side and need permission for other side . She gets hyper and scolds him.

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